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September 2017 | Summer & Victor



Parasailing: It's worth both the money and the trip out to the beach - if you live near the ocean, I highly recommend going parasailing!

WARNING: This is not for people who are scared of heights!!




At the end of summer 2017 on a sunny day, we escaped the heat of the Inland Empire and went to Balboa Pier in Southern California. The town of Newport beach had a cute boardwalk (complete with pricey restaurants and decent public bathrooms), and while it was hard to find the parasailing booth amongst all the fair ground booths and shops, the process was easy and we soon found ourselves on a boat, headed for the ocean.




It was surprisingly calm to just glide above - and I mean way above - the waves. You get to enjoy a safe, peaceful view of the ocean and Newport beach, from a birds perspective. The ride lasts really long, too, which definitely helps make the trip worth it! We also made it out to the beach afterwards. Perfect weather for the perfect day!

Watch our vlog below to experience our adventure!


-Summer & Victor




(stay tuned for more Summer-All-the-Time Adventures!)